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Northern Points 2004 Whitetail Deer Hunting Gallery - Page 3

» Big John's Trophy Whitetail Hunt

Trophy Whitetail Hunts - Alberta Trophy Whitetail Hunts - Alberta Big John joined us again for trophy bucks in the fall of 2004. John sat a picture perfect location and was well rewarded with unique deer. The buck had 12 points with 2 busted tines. John is a giant of a man with a giant heart! This season John let Phil off with a hand cracking handshake rather then a rib cracking hug like the first year with Northern Points.

» Alfred's Guided Whitetail Hunt

Guided Whitetail Hunts - Alberta Guided Whitetail Hunts - Alberta This giant Alberta whitetail deer was taken by Al while guided on a 1 on 1 hunt with Northern Points. Al's deer carried great mass and tine length, which gave it a score in the 160's. When Al related that he had shot a decent deer to his guide, his guide really wondered what more Al could want on his first trip to Alberta. Al soon realized that the body size of these Northern deer tend to shrink the rack while on the hoof, unlike the deer he is used to.

» Matius's Whitetail Hunt

Matius' deer was taken with one well placed shot by the veteran hunter. This hunter enjoyed the scenery of the area and the company of his guides. One day Matius, Al, Jamie, Bob, and Phil all enjoyed a meal around the fire while waiting to hear from the other hunters. Matius kept our attention with his fantastic stories and humour!