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Northern Points 2004 Whitetail Deer Hunting Gallery - Page 2

» Big Nick's Guided Whitetail Hunt

Nickís trophy whitetail was taken in late September. This is Nickís first deer ever and what a deer to start out with. It had 9 scoreable points and grossís in the 150ís. Nick had finished his hunter training education the previous day and purchased his first deer tag only 12 hours before taking this Alberta whitetail.

» Bob's Whitetail Trophy Hunt

Bob has hunted trophy whitetail with Northern Points twice now and each time he has taken a beautiful trophy home. This 9pt was taken, out of the now retired Honey Hole, at 300+ yards. Bob enjoyed the scenery and the company of his knowledgeable guide Bob D. We always look forward to the Hajoaca crew each fall!

» Javier's Guided Whitetail Hunt

Javier's trophy 10pt whitetail carried excellent tine length as well as the longest dog catchers we have seen in quite a while. Javier is always ready to hit the woods when he is with us and his graciousness is always a pleasure to have around. This choosy hunter always takes a good deer while in Alberta hunting for trophy whitetail deer.

» Travis's Trophy Whitetail Deer

Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Travis joined us on his second hunt for Albertaís trophy whitetail deer. He anchored this trophy 10pt at over 275 yards. Seeing the enjoyment from this well deserving hunter was priceless! Travis always has a story (sometimes we canít tell if itís true or not, but he assures us they all are!) for everyone back at the lodge each evening that sends everyone into fits of laughter. Travis was joined by brothers Bob and Gary for this hunt.