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Northern Points 2004 Black Bear Hunting & Guided Trophy Bear Hunts

Alberta Black Bear Hunting

» Joey's Black Bear Hunting Adventure

Joey joined Northern Points Outfitting/Guiding Ltd. for a second time to hunt Alberta Black Bears a year after bagging his trophy 10pt whitetail deer. This was Joey's first bear hunt and there was plenty of action and scenery to make this one of the more memorable hunts for both him and his guide. The black bear pictured here was taken from 40 yards. What an adventure!
Alberta Guided Trophy Black Bear Hunts

» Mark's Alberta Guided Trophy Black Bear Hunt

This Alberta Black Bear of Mark's was taken at 15 yards after it was lured closer with bait. Mark hunted the previous year for whitetail and had such a great time there was no question whether or not to return again! The experience this year was no exception. Mark had Bald Eagle land in the same tree as he was sitting and watched it make some amazing screeches before making a shaky exit!

» Mark & Joey's Black Bear Guided Hunts

Pictured is Mark with his fantastic Black Bear and Joey with his beautiful coyote. The two hunters enjoyed their guided hunt and they also gave a hand with building on of the most solid bridges that Northern Points has ever constructed! A beaver damn had blown away the existing bridge over a creek, leaving us stranded on one side. These are two hunters who we look forward to every year because there is always an adventure!
Black Bear Guided Hunts