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» Whitetail & Mule Deer

Deer are selective feeders. They have small, unspecialised stomachs by herbivore standards, and high nutrition requirements: ingesting sufficient minerals to grow a new pair of antlers every year is a significant task.
Scenic Wild Deer Photos - Alberta, Canada  Scenic Whitetail Deer Pictures - Alberta, Canada  Scenic Mule Deer Images - Alberta, Canada 
Scenic Wild Deer Photography - Alberta, Canada  Scenic Whitetail Deer Imagery - Alberta, Canada  Scenic Deer Photographs - Alberta, Canada 

» Moose Pictures & Images

This horse-sized animal is the largest member of the deer family with long, dark brown hair, high, humped shoulders and long legs, and a set of antlers reaching 120-150 cm.
Scenic Moose Images - Alberta, Canada  Scenic Moose Pictures - Alberta, Canada 

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